Becoming a member

Church membership matters! It is for people who love Jesus, love the church, and want to commit themselves to proclaim the love of Christ to the world. Here at Bel-Aire, we believe that it is very important for Christians to be committed members of a local church.

The process for becoming a member at Bel-Aire Baptist Church is simple. 
1) Let us Know You Want to Join 
There are a few ways to do this: You may simply indicate “I want to join” on a Communication Card. Drop the card in an offering plate at the end of the Sunday morning service. You may call the church office and schedule an appointment with a pastor. You may come forward during the time of response after any Sunday morning worship service to speak with a pastor or counselor. 
2) Attend a “Membership Matters” Class 
This class provides an opportunity to articulate to prospective members what we believe and value as a congregation, the ministries that are offered for all ages, and practical steps on how to plug in at the church. This is also a time to ask any question you may have regarding membership, doctrine, etc. Multiple classes will be offered throughout the year for your convenience.
3) Schedule a Pastoral Interview 
This is a scheduled meeting with one of the pastors to talk about your spiritual testimony: how you came to know Jesus Christ as your Savior, how faith in Christ has changed your life, and how you intend to join the church- whether by baptism, statement of faith, or a transfer of letter from another Baptist church.
4) A Vote of Affirmation by the Church Body
One of the Biblical responsibilities of a local church is to formally accept born-again believers into their fellowship. This is done by vote in a regularly scheduled Members Meeting. Afterwards, you are presented to church body at the conclusion of a Sunday morning worship service as a new member!