Multi-Family Residential Outreach
M-FRO is a strategic and systematic process that encourages believers to move from their seats in the church to the streets of our community where the densest population of our city reside. By identifying needs in a multi-family residential community, the church can meet our community where they are while constructing authentic and lasting relationships that build bridges capable of supporting the gospel.

Bel Aire Baptist Church follows a structure for moving people from believers in Christ to those who walk with Christ.  This process is the A.C.T.S. model-Attending, Connecting, Thriving, and Sharing!  We believe as a Christian matures in their faith in Jesus, he will progress through these components of faith.  M-FRO is a Sharing Ministry. Member of Bel Aire Baptist who has been a member for more than 6 months and have completed our B.A.S.IC.S security program are eligible to join these ministries. 
The M-FRO mission is to bring glory to God by creating authentic, enduring, god-centered relationships with people in our community building bridges capable of supporting the Gospel.